Expand your knowledge, transform and grow to become a more skilled Yoga Teacher and help more people on a deeper level.


Ask yourself... Does this sound like you?

You love teaching and are yearning to learn more.

When your student has an ah-ha moment it lights up your day and you’d like to help your students have more of these moments!

Do you feel like you still don’t understand the deeper elements of yoga? Maybe you feel like you are culturally appropriating yoga
because of a limited understanding of the history and philosophy of yoga.

You are passionate about learning and love to discover new things about yourself and life.

You want to connect with a like-minded community again to get inspired and re-invigorated.

You want some feedback on your teaching and how to fine tune your sequencing and cueing.

You want to specialize your teaching in some way, like learning about Yin Yoga or diving into ancient Yoga texts.

At Soul Thrive Yoga we are all passionate about yoga, learning, and helping others.  We know, from experience, that the more we educate ourselves and commit to our practice the more we grow and transform. This allows us to support our students on a deeper level AND find more peace in our daily lives.

Our hope is that all people can feel this transformation and, as teachers continue to learn, they continue to ripple these benefits out into the world.  We have educated hundreds of teachers that continue to learn and grow with us and it make our heart smile every time we hear from a student about the impacts their work is making on their students lives.

We get your desire to impact more people, expand your revenue streams, and stay aligned to your mission and life’s calling.

This is possible and we are here to help.

Meet Christina


Christina Raskin, 500hr E-RYT is passionate about Yoga & quality education!  Christina has been teaching Yoga for 20 years, and educating Yoga Teachers for 10 years. 

Here at Soul Thrive Yoga we have noticed a gap in the yoga world. There are many, teacher training programs that lack cutting edge, high quality education regarding anatomy and teaching methodology.

In addition, they often only focus on the physical practice. 

Imagine if you could...

  • Learn more about yourself so you could experience more joy and peace in your life and your relationships
  • Specialize your training to become a leader
  • Have a team of experts to turn to for advice and experience for all of your questions

Education is necessary and important in all aspects of life and it takes time to really become an expert and a leader. Start now and really take the time to develop yourself.  Yoga believes the path is unique for each of us and you never know how it is going to unfold and where each new step will take you.

What you will Learn...

Through this course you will learn more about the deeper aspect of yoga, fine tune you teaching & specialize your education so that you can help more people and use the tools of yoga to transform in your own daily life.

You will accomplish...

- Develop your own practice to  transform your life, on and off the mat

- Expand your knowledge to better serve & support your students, help them to grow and heal.

- Build a community with like-minded people who understand you and help you grow and thrive.

- Specialize your knowledge for what you are truly passionate about to grow your business and connection with others.

- Grow and flourish in your life and relationships as you commit this time to yourself and your own growth.

How does this work?

This hybrid program is split up into two components; Community and elective workshops. 

Program Prerequisite: You must have a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate to participate in 300hr. Yoga Teacher Training program.

Kula (community) hours- 150 Hrs.

Costa Rica dates

May 7th - 21st : 14 nights & 15 days

The community sessions are taught in-person so that you can build community, get individualized support and practice your new knowledge with other teachers.

Held in Costa Rica at the edo-lodge Tierra de Suenos, on the east coast .

Tuition CAN $2,872 (when paid in full)

Six payments of $521. First payment in a non-refundable deposit and is required to reserve your spot. Or, pay first deposit, and then remainder ($2351) within 1 week to get tuition of $2872.

Does not include travel & accommodation in Costa


Virtual Elective Workshops- 150 hrs

Register now to start your electives!

The elective workshop allow you to specialize your education in the areas that inspire and motivate you!

Costs vary, depending on the Workshop and range from CAN $999 - $120 depending on the length of the workshop. As an enrolled 300hr. student you receive 10% off of the “general public” price.

All workshops are virtual and will include some on-demand content and some LIVE hours over Zoom.

You have 2 years to finish these 150 hours And can start as soon as you enrol in the full 300hr. program.

Ready to save your spot?


Tierra de Suenos- Costa Rica Accommodation

14 nights & 15 days

$1,885 US 

Shared accommodation in jungle bungalow

Three daily high quality, locally sourced vegetarian meals including fresh juices and dessert .

Other options available on request

Why you will love it:

Let’s be frank, not all training programs are created equal.  You are making an investment of time and money and we believe you should get high value for that; high valuable content, attention and instructors.


High quality, cutting edge education

Education is important to us.  We keep our content up-to-date and are always adjusting the program based on new science and your needs.


High touch point

Our teachers WANT to support you in any way we can.  We are available and here to help through the whole training and afterwards.


Experienced, knowledgeable and passionate instructors that care 

This is what we do. We educate.  We are passionate about building community and being here for you!


Live interaction

Yoga is all about connection so ALL of our courses have A LOT of live hours where you engage, ask questions, and connect with your like-minded community. All live classes will be recorded for viewing afterwards.


Well rounded program

Including all aspects of yoga, including philosophy meditation & mindfulness and the physical practice of Asana (poses).


Belief that you are already perfect

Yoga is for everyone and every body. The Yoga tools help us to find more peace and joy through the realization that we have everything we need inside of us.  You do not need a certain body or personality to be happy or do yoga. You can be happy, content and joyful right now! This core belief permeates ALL of our teachings.


LOTS of practice teaching

Feel confident and ready to teach after hours of teaching your fellow classmates and getting quality feedback from our instructors.).


Advanced teaching

Many different teaching methods used to support various learning styles, including; visual, audio, written, and kinesthetic learning.

Kula (community) Curriculum

Opening Practice & Ceremony

  • Define your Dharma statement
  • Setting an intention for the program
  • Ritual ceremony to begin your journey

Self-practice, biomechanics & Samkya Philosophy

  • Develop your own meditation practice with your personal Mantra (One-On-One session)
  • Deep Meditation Follow-up (One-On-One session)
  • Basics of biotensegrity & how it applies to Yoga Asana and our teaching
  • Basics of biomechanics & how it applies to Yoga Asana and our teaching
  • Introduction to Integral anatomy & how it applies to Yoga Asana and our teaching
  • Introduction to Samkya Philosophy (Yoga’s explanation of the Universe)
  • Ayurveda (One-On-One session)


  • How to design a healthy individualized practice for you students, private clients and yourself.  Including compression vs. Tension, Range of Motion, joint mobility, and the science behind building strength & flexibility.
  • Assessing clients & developing specialized programs.
  • Teaching one-on-one with private clients; including business of privates
  • Satsang- “Sitting in Truth”
  • Group Learning sessions

Subtle Body Systems

  • Subtle body systems including Koshas, Chakras, Gunas, & Vayus
  • Explore various tools that you can use in your life and teach to your students to help you ride the waves of life. These tools include; meditations, pranayama, visualizations, mudras, mantras etc.
  • Learn to weave these tools into general public classes and one-on-one sessions.
  • Start to draw these tools into your daily life with personal practice homework.
  • Satsang- “Sitting in Truth”
  • Group Learning sessions

Assessing Clients

  • Assessing clients with Koshas, Chakras, Gunas, & Vayus
  • Learn some assessment tools
  • Yoga vs Western healing modalities
  • Satsang– “Sitting in Truth” (group practice)
  • Group discussion on topics learned, share stories, & find guidance & support
  • Open/Mysore Practice

Trauma & teaching

  • Trauma informed teaching- Past Traumas get stuck in the body. Learn how this happens and the health risks associated with stuck trauma in the body. Also learn how to cultivate a safe and inclusive environment to support everyone in your yoga class, including those who have been through traumatic experiences in their lives.
  • Satsang- “Sitting in Truth”
  • Group Learning sessions

Closing Practice & Ceremony 

  • Ritual ceremony to close our journey together
  • Setting intentions for the future.

What you get...









  • 300hr. Manual for the course.
  • 150hr. LIVE in-person training to connect with your fellow teachers & get feedback on your teaching.
  • Guided meditation & Scripts.
  • Assessment charts & questionnaires to use with your clients.

Registration for Community Lessons

in Costa Rica

May 2023



When is the trip to Costa Rica? When do we fly in and when do we fly out?

May 7th – 21st 14 nights & 15 days

·      Check-in to the retreat centre is on May 7th

·      Teacher Training runs from May 8th – May 20th

·      Check-out from the retreat centre is May 21st

·      There will be 2 days off to explore

Were are we staying in Costa Rica?

Tierra De Suenos Lodge on the East coast of Costa Rica, south of Puerto Limon

Retreat Center is 5 hours from the airport in San Jose

Christina Raskin will meet you at the airport in San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO) on May 7th around 1 PM (time to be determined based on when participates are flying in)

What is the retreat centre like?

Tierra de Sunos is a rustic eco lodge in the middle of the jungle and is a 5 minute walk from the beach.

If exotic plants and animals, and unspoiled tropical beaches interest you, it doesn’t get much better than this!!!

Guests that fall instantly in love with Tierra de Sueños are nature lovers. Beach goers, adventure enthusiasts, and people who enjoy a mixed variety of food and culture.

When walking along the pebble paths upon your arrival you will quickly note that a stay at Tierra de Sueños is an experience in nature. Although just minutes away from the beach, restaurants and grocery stores, they are located in a thick jungle setting and the neighborhood uses the same alarm clock- howler monkeys who like to start the day early and roaring. There are daily flybys in the reception house of various hummingbirds battling for first dibs on the surrounding flowers and you'll often see a sloth hanging around. The sound of the jungle at night accentuates the incredible biodiversity.

What is the tuition for the 150hrs. in Costa Rica?

$2872 CAN (includes tax)

  • Tuition for the 150 hr. of the 300 hr. that are held in Costa Rica.
  • One manual.

What is included in the tuition?

Included in the tuition is 1 manual, the on demand training videos, live training, and observance and feedback of one of your classes upon completion of the program.

How much is room & board at the retreat center?

$1,885 US

Currency conversion rate will be based the rate on February 1st, 2023


  • Room and board at the retreat, double occupancy.
  • All meals on days of training, high quality, locally sourced vegetarian meals including fresh juices & dessert.  Other options available on request. 



Not included

  • Flight to Costa Rica
  • Excursions or tours that you chose to do.
  • One the 1 day off from training only breakfast will be served.  You will have the option to pay for lunch and/or dinner at the retreat center on that 1 day off from training.
  • Airport transfer to and from resort after the program.  This is not included because many people decide go earlier or to stay longer after the program and arrange their own travel to and from the airport. The people that meet Christina Raskin at the airport will travel to the retreat center together. Cost of the transfer is $40 - 55, depending on the number of people in the group.
  • Electives- You have 2 years to complete the electives and they are all priced differently based on the length and material of the elective.

What are my payment options?

  • Non-refundable deposit- $521 (no tax) To save your spot, we have 10 spots and will probably fill up!
  • Remaining tuition- There are 2 ways to pay the remaining tuition. Either:

1.   Pay $521 every month for 6 payments TOTAL (5 payments after the deposit).

2.   After the deposit is paid pay remaining tuition $2351. DUE 1 month after deposit is paid.

  • Retreat center payment due February 15th, 2022.
  • Last date for enrolment (if there are spots available)-  February 26th, 2022.  Payment will be due in full for tuition & retreat centre.

Is tuition refundable?

The deposit is non-refundable. All other funds are refundable up to 60 days before the course starts.

When should I purchase my flight?

The sooner you purchase your flight the better because you will get a better price. We recommend to purchase by December 2023 at the latest.

What about Covid & travel restrictions?

If travel restrictions are put in place due to COVID then the deposit will be transferable to another course date. Additional funds will be refunded up to 60 days before the retreat starts. Please review your purchase policy in regards to your flight.

I'm nervous about flying on my own. Can I fly with someone from the program?

For sure, if the scheduling works. Once you pay the deposit you will be able to join the Facebook group for the 300hr. and connect with other teachers in the program. Then, if you want, you can link up with another student that is going and purchase your flights together!

What is an average day look like?

6:00 – 6:30 AM        Morning Tea and light snack

6:30 – 9:30 AM        Morning Meditation, asana practice, and theory

9:30 – 10:15 AM      Breakfast

10:15 – 12:00 PM    Theory

12:00 – 1:00 PM      Lunch

1:00 – 5:30 PM         Theory and practicum

6:15 – 7:15 PM         Dinner

7:15 – 8:15 PM         Homework


Most session will be in the open area yoga pavilion, some practices and lecture sessions will be on the beach :)

There will be homework/reading/studying at night.  This will average about 30 – 90 minutes per evening.

Soul Thrive Yoga 300hr Teacher Training Team

Christina Raskin


Alex Anderson-Munn


Sydney Mayer


Melanie Palis


Martina Michalova


Laura O'Reilly


Lalaine Baldovi


Kerry Kobble


Stefanie Teague


Diana Firican


Hadis Kiana





"Amazing experience! Christina has put a tremendous amount of work and effort into her training program! She is very committed to staying up to date with her own personal education. I love that she promotes safety first above all else throughout your practice. Her course was the perfect balance between the Asana’s and the spiritual (sutras) side of yoga. Her feedback is very thorough and positive. I feel very lucky that I stumbled upon her program."

- Melanie S

"My Yoga Teacher Trainer Melanie Palis had an inclusive, gentle and thorough teaching style that I really connected with during my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training this year. I felt inspired and excited for each day in the training and was grateful to have a trainer that genuinely cared about her student's success in the program. I loved being taught about all the aspects of yoga, from asana to meditation, to the spiritual connection between mind and body. It was scary stepping out of my comfort zone and practice teaching in class, but I'm so thankful that it was part of the curriculum because I came out of this program feeling ready to teach -still very green, but ready to give it my best."

- Natalie B

"Alex is a wonderful yoga teacher. Her thorough understanding of yoga and positive energy shines through in her classes. While I was completing my 200-hour teacher training, Alex went over and above with helpful feedback on every assignment. She is a thoughtful teacher who kindly answered all of my questions in detail. I loved how she guided meditations and class discussions about the philosophy of yoga, listening to everyone's interpretations. I learned so much from Alex throughout this teacher training -- it was exactly what I needed and more."

- Kirsten F