4 Signs That You Are Ready to Take the Soul Thrive Yoga Teacher Training Program

Are you thinking about taking a yoga or fitness training but you aren’t sure if it’s the right time for you?  Many people have thought about becoming a yoga or fitness instructor and I can tell you that it is a very rewarding career.   It might be the perfect career for you.  However, you also need to make sure you are ready for the program.  Here are 4 signs that you are ready to take the program now.

  1. Commitment– You need to be able to commit to the program. Check out the class schedule and make sure you can attend all the classes. If you are in the middle of some other major life changes it may not be the best time because you won’t be able to focus on learning.
  1. Consistent yoga practice– It is recommended that you have 6 month to one year of consistent yoga practice before taking a teacher training program. This helps to give you a solid foundation of knowledge and experience to make you successful in the program.
  1. Time– A 200-hr. teacher training program is harder than a lot of people think. There are about 30 – 60 hours of homework and you will need to spend some time outside of class to practice teach.  You must ensure that you have the time for the program.
  1. Enthusiasm– probably the most important sign that you are ready to become a yoga instructor is that you are excited! Do you have enthusiasm for yoga and fitness?  When you think about taking the course, do you smile?  These are great signs that it is time for you to fill out that application and reserve your spot right away!

Still have questions about if the program is right for you? Contact Christina @ 604-307-4331 or [email protected]… she’d love to help answer all your questions!

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