New yoga instructors often don’t realize all of the possibilities there are for work in the yoga industry.  There are many opportunities for work ‘outside of the box.’  Some take a little more drive and organizing than others however it is great to have a wide range of options for instructing.

  1. Gyms/Studios– Of course this is the obvious place of employment for most instructors. It is also takes the least amount of organizing and business planning.  You just show-up and teach your class.  You don’t have to worry about filling the class and it is usually the most stable option.  However, it is also the lowest paying option.
  1. Corporate jobs– Many corporations now offer lunch hour programs to their employees including yoga, fitness, and Pilates. These jobs usually pay a bit more than a yoga studio however they may take a little bit of organizing on your part.  You’ll have to take payment and make sure that new students fill out a waiver form.
  1. Workshops/Series– These are workshops (back bending, beginners etc.) or a series of classes that you teach in a space that you rent out or own, like your backyard studio. These can pay a lot more however they also require persistence to get the word out to the public and build your client base.  You will also have to be very organized to take payment, pay taxes, have insurance, and get all students to fill out a waiver.  This work is less stable but the financial gain might be worth it if you have the business savvy to go with it.
  1. Privates– Privates are the least stable of all the options but they are also the most lucrative. It can be difficult to get and maintain committed clients. It also takes a fair amount of hustle to get new clients that can afford private yoga lessons.

With so many opportunities for work there really is an option for every personality type.  Whichever you choose, give it your all and jump right in.  And remember, as a new yoga instructor it doesn’t matter where you teach, just that you teach.

Teach wherever and whenever you can and opportunities will arise!

If you’re interested in instructing then please give Christina a call at 604-307-4331 or email me at [email protected]

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