Obviously yoga and fitness teacher trainings vary widely. However here are some basics so that you know what to expect when you start your Yoga Teacher Training!

  1. Asana practice– A good yoga teacher training program will have a physical practice everyday. This is important for you to incorporate and practice what you are learning.  Of course, if you have injuries or sickness during the program, then you should be allowed to rest and recover.  After all, as yogis we must learn to listen to and respect our bodies.
  2. Attendance– Most yoga teacher training programs require 100% attendance in order to graduate from the program. That means not being late and not leaving early! However, if there is an emergency (life does happen) then you should be able to make-up the missed hours one-on-one with the instructor, for an additional fee.
  3. Homework– I often find my students are surprised by how much homework there is. In a 200-hr. program we are learning A LOT of material.  It is necessary that you study at home and keep reviewing the material.  Not to mention, many programs will ask you to start meditating and/or doing pranayama on a daily basis.  You should expect about 30 – 60 hours of at home study for a 200-hr. program.

The best way to find out about your particular program is to ask!  Ask your specific school what will be expected of you in order to graduate and complete the course successfully.

One last bit of advice, remember that yoga is not an easy thing to teach.  There are so many different facets of yoga with so much to learn!  If a program seems easy, then you probably aren’t’ getting the education you need to be a successful instructor (not to mention, not getting your monies worth!).  Don’t let a challenging course put you off, you’ll do great and be a better instructor for it!

Best of luck!


If you’re interested in instructing then please give Christina a call at 604-307-4331 or email me at [email protected].

Costa Rica 20 Day Intensive Program

20 day intensive 200 hour yoga instructor program costa rica

November 5th- 26th, 2017

200 hr | $6479.00

  • Students will fly into Costa Rica on November 5
  • Teacher Training runs from November 6 – 25, 2017
  • Students will fly out of Costa Rica on November 26
  • There will be an option to stay in Costa Rica an extra week at the retreat.


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