3 Common Fears of Becoming a Yoga Instructor…and why you shouldn’t let them stop you!

Do you want to become a yoga instructor but you’re worried about getting work?  Do you wonder if anyone will come to your classes?  Everyone encounters fear when starting a new career and starting to teach yoga is no exception.  I’m here to dispelled these fears and tell you everything will be fine!

  1. There are too many yoga instructors, I won’t get any work– It is true that many people have taken their 200 hr. training. However, many people do it for their own personal growth and never have any desire to teach. Just like any new job, it can take a little bit of time and diligence to get stable work but I can tell you that in 13 years of experience in the industry I have NEVER had a problem getting work, even when I first started.  In fact, many of my current students that complete the teacher-training course have steady classes the week after the course is done!  Like any career change, you will need to be flexible in the beginning and be willing to work anywhere to get the experience.  However, there is work to be had and with time and more experience you’ll be able to be picky about where and what you teach.
  1. I won’t be any good and no one will want to come to my classes– Everyone, and I mean everyone, has this fear. Even instructors that have been teaching for several years still worry that they aren’t any good.  You will never know how good you can be until you try.  And, after all, you’ll be as good as your passion and dedication dictate.  Do you love yoga?  Do you have the drive to give it everything you’ve got and keep learning?  If so… I can assure you that you’ll be great.
  1. I’m not strong enough, flexible enough, skinny enough… fill in your own adjective here! Yoga instructors are humans, we are just like everyone else.  We aren’t perfect and, believe it or not, many of us can’t do a handstand.  Yoga is for everyone, every body and personality type.  As instructor we need to represent that by representing every body and personality type as well.  No matter what you can or can not do physically, you will grow and find your place as an instructor in the yoga world.  You will teach what you can.

When faced with a decision in life we can either act out of fear or out of love.  Remember that-

“Life begins where fear ends.”  -Osho

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