“There is no end to self-development.  It’s work, step by step. The gift of yoga is you don’t have to jump to the top of the ladder.  Take the first step. Don’t worry about the last step. What presents itself to you is the next step.  Then the next step becomes obvious. But if you try to figure out how to get to the top, you may become discouraged and go away.”

                    -Gary Kraftsow, Yoga for Self-Transformation

Remember that at the end of your yoga teacher training program you will not know everything about yoga.  You will never know everything about yoga.  You will always be a student of Yoga.  Always growing, always learning. Keep this humble, curious mind throughout your life and practice.  Then, your teaching (and your life) will shine.

It is a privilege, a responsibility and an honour to lead others on their yogic path.  Just remember that we are all students together on this journey. As a teacher, remember that your students can teach you as much as you can teach them!

200-hour Yoga Teacher Training courses are designed to introduce you to the science of Yoga and give you a solid foundation from which to grow.  You will be introduced to many different elements of the Yogic path. From these brief introductions you will be able to see what elements truly interest you now (because they will change as you change) and delve deeper into them with further study as you grow.  To get the most out of your training follow this easy tips.

  • Honour where you are in your practice and your body.  Respect the limitations of your body. Honour your injuries.  We’d rather see you respecting where you are in your yoga than pushing for a preconceived goal of where you think you should be.  Remember, as an instructor you must lead by example.  Practice this now by showing the wisdom to respect your body, wherever it is.
  • Do our homework!  I mean really do your homework, explore it and take the material in.  If you want to get the most out of your training really take the time to process and learn from you homework, versus just get through it.  Read, review, share it with someone and then repeat. Assimilate the material, don’t just memorize it.  
  • Get out of your comfort zone.  Challenge yourself to try something new.  You will learn many new things on this journey; some might seem wild and totally out of reach, try anyways.  When practice teaching, commit fully. Try that weird breathing exercise that’s always scared you. If something doesn’t speak to you right away, that’s alright, don’t write it off.  Be open to new experiences, you might just find you like it!
  • Yoga is about connecting.  Practice this with your fellow classmates and loved ones in your life.  Form a study group, practice adjustments with others, and share your knowledge (if they want to hear it!).
  • Practice.  Take classes on your off days from instructors that teach in the yoga style that you are studying.  Practice what you have learned in training.
  • Take time off.  Give your body and mind time to rest from yoga.  No matter how much you love yoga, burn-out can (and will) happen.  Give yourself at least one day a week that you do not do yoga. Take a nap instead!
  • Pamper yourself.  Throughout your yoga training program you will continually push your body to the limit, soreness and exhaustion will happen.  Be sure to stay balanced by nurturing your body as well. Give your body time to heal. Take a bath, schedule a massage (or get your partner to do it!), and eat healthy food that helps to repair your muscles.
  • Devote this time to you.  As much as possible, make yourself a priority during this precious time.  You will grow and expand in so many beautiful ways you don’t want to miss it!

Most importantly, be present and…. Enjoy!  You will only take your 200-hr YTT once. Enjoy the amazement and wonder at discovering new things in your body, life and soul.  Have fun and make new friends. Revel in the mystery and the knowledge that comes on the yogic path.

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