I am thinking of becoming a yoga teacher and I want to learn about the Yoga Industry.  

Where can a yoga teacher work?  How much money does a yoga teacher make?  What can I expect to get paid and where? Once I have my 200-RYT certificate where do I look for work?

When considering switching careers it is important to look at all aspects of the industry.  If you are thinking about attending a yoga training to get your teaching certificate if can be helpful to know your future earning potential and where you can find work.

As with any job the rates vary greatly depending on the company, the location and the instructors experience and training.  Yoga teachers work as independent contracts thus we do not get any benefits. However, we also enjoy a lot more freedom to take classes when we want and shift our schedule to fit our lifestyle.

I’ll cover the different places where you might find work as a yoga instructor and the pay range you can expect.  Of course there is a range because it depends on your experiencing and education.

  1. Gyms and community centres- Many instructors start out in gym and community centres.  These are great places to get experience and practice teaching larger groups. The average range is $25 – $50 for an hour class.
  1. Yoga studios- There is a huge range here depending on your experience and how busy your classes are.   The rate can range from $25 – $70 per hour class. Teaching a student one-on-one in the studio can bring in $50 – $80 per hour.
  1. Corporate jobs- Some corporations will bring in a yoga teacher for the employees during their lunch break.  These jobs are great because they tend to be more stable than privates but pay more than yoga studios. In addition, they are in the middle of the day when yoga studios are generally closed.  These gigs can pay anywhere from $45 – $110 per hour.

  1. Privates- Teaching students one-on-one in their home or yours can be a great source of income however it isn’t as stable as the previous two.  It can take a long time to get clients that are consistent and committed. Depending on the client and their specific circumstances a yoga teacher can expect to be paid $80 – $120 per hour.  In addition, if you are travelling to their home you might be able to charge a travel fee.

  1. In studio workshops- Workshops pay really well, if you can get enough people. Workshops require a bit of selling on the instructors part.  You need to be active and get the word out. If you are holding a workshop in a studio the general rule is the instructor and the studio split the money 50/50.  Thus, if you have 10 people come to a 2-hour workshop and they pay $30 each, then the studio gets $150 and you get $150. This is a fairly stable way to boost your earning potential.

When a new instructor first graduates with their 200-RYT they will be able to teach at all of the above locations, however chances are they will start at the top of the list.  Then, with experience and further training they will be able to make their way down the list and start making more money.  

As a yoga instructor, it is a joy and a honour to be able to share the gift of yoga.  There are many different benefits. The money is a necessary part, to be sure, and we should all be paid a fair wage for our expertise.  However, there are several different ways we get ‘paid’ as yoga instructors. Check back next week to see the top 5 (surprising!) benefits to becoming a yoga instructor.

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