Oxygen Yoga & Fusion Teacher Training

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Starts March 2021

Oxygen Yoga Teacher Training Course

Within our well-rounded curriculum, supportive & fun environment, at Oxygen Yoga & Fusion Teacher Training, we believe each student has their own unique potential & creativities. One of our core teaching philosophy is to cultivate them & empowering each one of them to thrive. We provide and meet the highest standards of excellence while operating under the authority of the yoga and fitness industry, completely dedicating our expertise to our students, making it our mission to create the highest quality instructors

Fitness Fusion Online Course (26hours) 
with Lalaine Bladovi & Kerry Koble
March 6th, 7th, 13th, & 14th
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Students will learn
Fast & Furious
Tone & Sculpt
  • New discounted price for 2021
  • Includes tone & sculpt & bar as well
  • Must be a RYT, CPT or Certified Group Fitness Teacher to register


An O2 Fusion certified Fitness Instructor is qualified to:

  • Safely and effectively design a fitness class.
  • Lead groups in various formats of cardiovascular conditioning, muscle strength, endurance training, and stretching.
  • Help class participates to achieve fitness goals through evaluating participates needs and
  • Lead exciting and fun classes utilizing effective tools like music and community.
  • Maintain safety in fitness classes using many tools including safe cueing and demonstration.
  • Create a supportive atmosphere for participants.
  • Monitor and safely regulate class intensity and technique to ensure safety of all class participates.
  • Offer variations and modifications for various fitness abilities and injuries. Answer general questions on injuries and/or discomforts related to exercise.
  • Teach all fitness class at Oxygen Yoga & Fitness studios.

This is a comprehensive 26-hour course includes:

  • Aspects of fitness, wellness and basic training principles.
  • Components of a fitness class from the warm-up to the cool-down and how to design a class safely.
  • Teaching Methodologies: Effective exercise demonstration and instruction.
  • Musicality and counting: phrasing, cueing and appropriate music selection.
  • Leadership and motivation skills.
  • Variations/modification for injuries and various fitness levels.
  • Practice Teaching
  • Training on specific Oxygen fitness classes including; Box Fusion, Tone & Sculpt, and Bar.
  • O2 Fusion Certification


$50 Discount for ONLINE COURSE

Fitness Fusion Tuition $699

Fitness Fusion Tuition | O2 Grads $629

*Early Bird rates apply to registrations and full tuition payments made 1 month in advance.

**O2 Grad rates apply if you are a O2 Yoga Teacher Training Graduate.

Certified & Registered

Our school and faculty are certified and registered with Yoga Alliance.

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